• Close-up of the fully expanded yellow leaf of CARPINUS x betulus 'Williamson's Gold'
  • Yellow foliage and young growth of CARPINUS x betulus 'Williamson's Gold'
  • Close-up of the yellow foliage of CARPINUS x betulus 'Williamson's Gold'

CARPINUS x betulus ‘Williamson’s Gold’

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This European hornbeam has an intense yellow foliage. CARPINUS x betulus ‘Williamson’s Gold’ is a true light spot in the garden.


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The plant

CARPINUS x betulus ‘Williamson’s Gold’ surprises with its distinctly yellow foliage (see photos). This exceptional European hornbeam really stands out from other hornbeams. It truly shines among the plants in the garden.
Furthermore, and unlike most other plants with yellow leaves, this one resists well in full sun.
Finally, before losing its foliage, it also develops beautiful autumn colors to the point of making you love this season.

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How to plant and care for CARPINUS x betulus ‘Williamson’s Gold’?

How to plant this tree?

  1. Find a spot in full sun for this hornbeam.
  2. You can plant it in a container, pot, bedding or isolated. If you plant it in a pot or container, this will automatically limit its growth.
  3. The soil must be moist, moderately moist or dry (in a pot or container, you must obviously follow the watering).
  4. Furthermore, the soil can be light, normal or heavy with an acidic, neutral or calcareous pH.

For a good preparation of the pot or ground, we have designed specific instructions available here. Furthermore, discover here how to water your garden and save water.

How to care for this plant?

Like all European hornbeams, this plant is very robust and requires no special care.
Certainly, it accepts pruning of course, even on large wood. Preferably, prune it in February or March BEFORE new growth.

History and Origin

The type species CARPINUS betulus is endemic across Europe as well as in Western Asia. It appears at varying maximum altitudes depending on the region:

  • Central Europe: 700 to 1,000 m
  • Maritime Alps: 1,300 m
  • Caucasus: 2,000 m
  • Alborz Mountains (Iran and Azerbaijan): 2,300 m

This tree usually grows in mixed forests with oaks and birches.

Generally, CARPINUS betulus like CARPINUS x betulus ‘Williamson’s Gold’ are used in ornamental gardens as isolated plants or simply for trimmed hedges.

The wood is heavy and hard. It is used for tool design and construction. Furthermore, it can also be used for heating since it then develops a high temperature while burning slowly. Its calorific value is very high (2,300 kWh/RM). As such, they are also used for tadpole pruning.

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