Acanthus dans le jardin de Vallonchêne

Coaching for the garden

At Vallonchêne nursery, we offer coaching formulas for the garden. Are you searching for help creating your flowerbeds? Do you need advice for your already established garden? Probably, you have already tried alone by collecting information by different means (books, magazines, TV, or radio broadcasts…)? Perhaps, you have lost plants or recorded other failures. Generally, this leads to nothing and worse, you waste precious time and money!

Of course, the plant world is very complex. Each plant has its requirements, volumes, growth rates, etc. You need professional information.

To help you, we have specially developed two solutions so that you can also realize your dream garden. Even if you’re just a beginner. Each of these solutions has its advantages and is better suited for one or the other:

Free help with the composing of your garden

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Gîte de Vallonchêne

Garden counseling service (at your home)

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Extrait d'un plan paysager

Finally, also know that when you buy plants at Vallonchêne, remotely via our website or on site at the nursery, we will always be at your disposal to help you. Even if you have questions that emerge after purchase.