How to plant and maintain plants

At Vallonchêne nursery, we have developed precise instructions on how to plant and maintain plants. Even a novice in gardening will know how to succeed in his plantations.

A gardener who has never lost a plant because of the wrong planting does not exist. Each of us has already made mistakes when planting or maintaining plants. The plant world is so complex that we sometimes simply do not know how to plant and maintain certain plants. Either because we lack experience or because the plant in question has special or unusual needs. Each category of plants has different requirements. Occasionally, plants of the same category may have different expectations compared to their congeners. Gardening is a discipline in which one constantly learns, even after decades.

These instructions are grouped together on sheets for each important category of plants. Here they are:

Then, if you can’t find the answer to your questions about a plant you bought at Vallonchêne, we will be happy to answer your questions. In this case, send us a message.