Why our customers’ reviews are so good


We are very proud of our satisfaction score, which is among the best in our field and visible on the independent platform of verified reviews, Trustpilot.

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First, we would like to emphasize that Vallonchêne is not a sales site only. Above all, we are a producing nursery run by passionate people. We do not belong to those plant merchants, as there are so many on the Internet today!

If you want to see us in person, come on site and do your plant shopping at the same time. In fact, these are the plants that we ship for orders placed on our website.

We would like to explain to you on this page:

  • The salad effect
  • Our production method
  • How we choose the plants we ship
  • Travel like treasures

Otherwise, it can be difficult to understand why a plant from us sometimes seems more expensive at first glance.

The price of a plant is determined by its cultivation time, its growth rate, the complexity of its method of cultivation and propagation and the packaging costs for shipping.

The salad effect

At Vallonchêne, we never use liquid or slow-release fertilizers or pesticides to grow our plants.

It is quite the opposite in classic horticultural productions because these very particular fertilizers allow the plants to grow rapidly, but without any structure. These horticultural productions then cause a “salad effect”:

In reality, plants grown in this way grow too quickly and without structure. They therefore lack resistance to climatic effects such as cold, sun or heat. In the end, these plants grown too quickly are “tender” (like salad) and are easily burned by cold, sun or heat. Coming from an artificial production environment, they will have a hard time establishing themselves in the natural environment of your garden. Some will not survive. What a waste of time and money!

Also note that liquid fertilizers represent a real danger for groundwater since they are not completely absorbed by the plants. They then appear on the “nitrates” line of your water bottle. Think about it the next time you drink a glass of water!

Our production method

Our compost is naturally adapted to our plants

In addition, we never use pure peat or other artificial mixtures for our plants. Pure peat requires both intensive irrigation (in production and once the plant is planted in your garden), and therefore a waste of water resources.

At Vallonchêne, we water with a “drip” system to avoid wasting water. The plant then receives just the amount it needs.

Finally, Vallonchêne plants are grown outdoors. The plants that grow in our nursery do not undergo any forcing in the greenhouse. It is a horticultural technique to make the plant start earlier and especially to make it grow faster to gain more volumes in less time.

Our cultivation method ensures a more natural development and a more certain recovery in your garden. In short, when you plant our plants at home, it is not necessary to place them under daily watering assistance. It is enough to water them once a week if the season is dry (the first year).

How we choose the plants for your order

When we execute your order, we select each of your plants with the greatest care, putting ourselves in the shoes of the person who will receive them. In fact, we choose them as if they were for ourselves.

The production of plants depends on nature and its vagaries. If, as a result, a plant does not meet our quality criteria at the time of order preparation, we will contact you and send you photos if you wish. So, you can judge if it suits you. Then you can also decide on a variety replacement or simply an IMMEDIATE refund of the price paid.

Travel like treasures

We practice our profession with a lot of love and enthusiasm. This is why we show an exceptional dedication, not only to our customers, but also to our plants. Each of our little wonders is particularly close to our hearts. Let’s not forget that these are living organisms delivered to our good care.

As such, we take the greatest care in packaging our unusual plants when they have to travel to join you. Each packaging is created individually and specifically for each order at the time of shipment. As you will have understood, none of our packages are identical. The many five-star reviews on Trustpilot (independent platform of certified reviews) regularly refer to this very solid and neat packaging.
We follow the motto: our little wonders must travel like treasures!

At equal quality, Vallonchêne is not pricier…

In conclusion and all things considered, you now understand that for equal quality, Vallonchêne is not more expensive, quite the contrary!