As you probably know, CYCLAMEN coum are perfectly hardy. They particularly like to be planted near the trunk of old and big trees where even the lawn doesn’t want to grow anymore. They cover the ground with their beautiful green leaves that are decorated with a grey pattern. In winter, they flower white, pink or red.

CYCLAMEN coum don’t need any particular attention and appreciate corners of your garden that are mostly dry in winter. When the petals disappear, the flower stems start to roll down near the bottom and let the stage to the nice foliage.

The romans already liked cyclamens for their flowers and their scent (CYCLAMEN purpurescens) as well as the delicat elegance.

Cyclamen have been introduced into Europe in the 16th century and associated by the catholic chruch to mary’s heart crying tears of blood. The same theme has been used by flamish painters. In Japan, cyclamen represent the sacred flower of love. In the 19th century, cyclamen have been planted that flower still nowadays. Their tubers weigh about 15 kg now!

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