Hellebores (HELLEBORUS)

Hellebores, or HELLEBORUS, sold in our nursery (online or on site) are first quality plants and perfectly hardy. Chose between dozens of beautiful variations. Hellebores belong, without any doubt,One of the most beautiful flowers in a garden is, without any doubt, the hellebore (HELLEBORUS). They show in winter big white flowers (HELLEBORUS niger) or nice colored one (HELLEBORUS orientalis). At this season, they are among the few plants keen enough to flower. Hellebores are extremely resistant against cold and dryness. The only thing they hate is to be moved, divided or planted in areas that are muddy in winter.

The most surprising hellebore stays the oriental one (HELLEBORUS orientalis) with all its variations of colors (white, pink, picotees (white and pink), apricot, red, black, blue, yellow…) and shapes (simple, double, with anemone like sepals…). Hellebore flowers have a diameter of about 4 to 8 cm depending on the plant. They decorate beautifully the garden over months.

In the middle ages, one could put hellebore flowers on the house floors to protect oneself against evil. They were also used as a protection against witches.

In order to discover always new and forgotten things, at Vallonchêne we also offer for sale botanical species, often times neglected but so interesting.

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Showing 1–12 of 63 results