• feuillage de l’ACER conspicuum ‘Red Flamingo’ en Septembre
  • Écorce veinée de blanc de l’ACER conspicuum ‘Red Flamingo’ en mars
  • Jeunes pousse de l’ACER conspicuum ‘Red Flamingo’ en Mars
  • ACER conspicuum ‘Red Flamingo’ en Septembre

ACER conspicuum ‘Red Flamingo’ (snakebark maple)


This snake bark maple is particularly interesting for its white striped bark. The extraordinary foliage of ACER conspicuum ‘Red Flamingo’ is white, green and pink. The young shoots are bright red in spring.

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Among the snake bark maples, ACER conspicuum ‘Red Flamingo’ is arguably one of the most remarkable, as it not only has this particularly marked bark with white stripes, but also bright red shoots. Its leaves are at the beginning of a luminous pink and then variegate with a lighter pink mixed with green. Once the year’s growth is over, the leaves will remain variegated with green and white. Plant it in well-drained soil!

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