ARALIA elata in August with starting autumn colours
  • ARALIA elata en Août
  • foliage of ARALIA elata in August
  • ARALIA elata in August with starting autumn colours

ARALIA elata (Japanese angelica tree)


The Japanese angelica tree (Korean angelica-tree) is especially decorative for its Japanese shape. The foliage of ARALIA elata is abundant and green. White flowers appear in summer. The leaves take beautiful yellow colors.

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The Japanese angelica tree is particularly decorative by the shape that is created with its foliage and trunks. The leaves can reach 60 to 120 cm. In Summer, white flowers appear at the end of the shoots. The foliage of ARALIA elata is green and takes on stunning yellow, orange and red fall colors. In Japan and Korea the young shoots are eaten in spring. These dishes are then called tara-no-me or namul respectively.

In order to learn more about ARALIA elata (Japanese angelica tree) , its planting and how to take care of it, discover below important technical facts. If there are multiple options shown (for example: nature of soil), this means they are all suitable for the plant.

Approximate height after 10 years
3 - 5 m
Possible spots for planting
half shade (no sun from noon until 5 p.m.), shade (no direct sunlight)
Special interest in spring
foliage, young sprouds, bark, shape
Special interest in summer
bark, flowers, foliage, shape
Special interest in autumn
foliage, bark, shape
Special interest in winter
bark, shape
Color of flowers
Flowering period
Color of foliage
Kind of foliage
Color of bark
Possible uses
pot, bedding, isolated
Need of humidity
dry, mean, humid
Cold resistance
hardy under -20°C
Acceptable kind of soil
light, normal, heavy
Acceptable pH
acid (less than 6.5), neutral (between 6.5 and 7.5), calcareous (more than 7.5)
Pruning period
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