• Close-up of a yellow CORNUS mas 'Jolico' flower
  • Feuillage vert du CORNUS mas 'Jolico'
  • Specimen of a CORNUS mas 'Jolico' covered in flowers in February

CORNUS mas ‘Jolico’ (Cornelian cherry, European cornel)


CORNUS mas ‘Jolico’ flower yellow in sping. Afterward, this Cornelian cherry develops many huge, red fruits, bigger than those on other CORNUS mas.


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CORNUS mas ‘Jolico’ is a wonderful plant for many reasons. For starters, it brings a flood of yellow flowers in midwinter when it blooms on its bare wood.
Then it produces fruits, also called cornels, twice the usual size. These fruits are rich in vitamin C and edible. They are eaten almost ripe or nearly too ripe when they start to soften.
Finally, in autumn, its usually green foliage takes on a beautiful yellow color.
Its common name is Cornelian cherry ‘Jolico’ or European cornel ‘Jolico’.

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