• Bright yellow foliage of LARIX kaempferi 'Magic Gold'
  • LARIX kaempferi 'Magic Gold' with its intense yellow foliage

LARIX kaempferi ‘Magic Gold’

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This Japanese larch stands out by its superb golden foliage. LARIX kaempferi ‘Magic Gold’ grows more slowly than the type species.


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LARIX kaempferi ‘Magic Gold’ is an absolutely fabulous and unusual Japanese larch.
As soon as its bright yellow foliage emerges at the very beginning of spring, this deciduous conifer lights up like a real torch. It then becomes a real well of light in your garden and will remain so until the end of summer.
This tree grows much slower than the typical species and will not exceed 2 to 3 meters for 10 years.
Then, in autumn, the leaves will turn a lovely copper color before falling.
Of course, this exceptional tree easily resists low temperatures (less than -20°C).

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How to plant care for LARIX kaempferi ‘Magic Gold’?

The planting

  1. Plant this Japanese larch in partial shade or full sun. This can be in a container, pot, isolated or solid. In pots and containers, it is of course necessary to monitor watering as long as you keep them this way.
  2. In open ground, the place can be humid, moderately humid or dry.
  3. Choose a location with light, normal or heavy soil and an acidic, neutral or calcareous pH.

For a good preparation of the pot or ground, we have designed specific instructions available here.


This conifer is an easy-care plant. No need to protect it against the cold in winter. If you are planting a larger subject, consider installing a stake to allow it greater stability until complete rooting. If you feel the need to prune it, do it in March and before new growth.

Furthermore, discover here how to water your garden and save water.

History and Origin

The type species, LARIX kaempferi is widely used in the forestry industry not only in central and northern Japan, but also in Northern Europe and particularly in Ireland and Great Britain. Unlike larch native to Europe, the wood of L. kaempferi is poorer in resin. Furthermore, all kinds of LARIX kaempferi such as LARIX kaempferi ‘Magic Gold’ are widely used in ornamental gardens.

While the type species can reach heights of 50 meters, this will not be the case for L. kaempferi ‘Magic Gold’.

Additionally, LARIX kaempferi develop roots both deep and wide. This gives them greater stability.



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