JUGLANS regia 'Laciniata'

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80-100 cm, 5 liter pot 64,90 € Delivery within 2 business days

PLANTING and CULTIVATION of JUGLANS regia 'Laciniata' (Persian walnut, English walnut, Circassian walnut)

In order to discover more about JUGLANS regia 'Laciniata' and choose the right place, here some more technical details to respect (If several options are indicated for the same caracteristic, each of them is possible. For example: "full sun (from 12 to 5 pm min.), half-shade (no sun from 12 to 5 pm)" -> Then you can put the plant into full sun or half-shade!):

The height shown corresponds for trees and shrubs to that after 10 years (under normal planting conditions and with adequate watering of the plant). Please call us or send us a message, if you want more information. We will be pleased to help you.

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