In addition to our rare plants nursery, you can buy in our giftshop a big range of unusual products that you won't find somewhere else ! We choose our gift ideas for quality, usage and good prices.
For whatever kind of event (birthday, Christmas...) or just for yourself, at Vallonchêne you can get good ideas.
Our range of gift articles is as deep as large. There are silver jewellery (normally sold in specialised shops only), perfumes, candles, table art, teddies with a very soft touch and a huge variety of extraordinary cleaning accessories like brushes of all kind.
At Vallonchêne we have the biggest choice of brushes, plumeaux and things related to house cleaning and cleaning in daily life. Most of these articles are made of natural ressources like feathers for example.
For children and those who stayed young, there is a whole univers of wooden toys. Of course, all toys respect security and health rules. They have been created to stimulate mind and creativity.
As the nursery is our main business, we have not forgotten our garden friends : they will discover in our shop Swiss and Japanese gardening tools famous for their quality, long life cycle, sharp cutting and efficiency. Those gardening tools (secateurs, cissers, saws...) are also available in our online shop.
Unfortunately we can't list every item of our giftshop here. DON'T WAIT ! COME AND HAVE LOOK. WE ARE SUR YOU WILL FIND THE NICE PRESENT THAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR.

Other interesting products...