Our company

Founded in 2007, Vallonchêne is a nursery in Normandy that has been created by two plantsmen. This nursery is filled up with more than one thousand rare and very rare plants, by which even connoisseurs can be surprised. At Vallonchêne, we grow conifers, deciduous trees and shrubs, fruit trees, Japanese maples and herbaceous plants. We choose all our plants because they have one or more special interests (flowers, foliage, scent, autumn colours, barks...). Most of them are grown partly or entirely in our nursery. No need to say that they are perfectly hardy (find more details in each plant's description on this website).

Our strengths

  • SSL-encrypted payments
  • First class quality
  • Rare plants
  • Good stocks
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Professional advice
  • Happy customers (read yourself)

How to buy our products?

If you can't come and choose your plants directly in our nursery, you can also order them through on this website in order to get them delivered to you or your friends. It's very important for us to state that all the plants we sell through our website are exactly the same as you can buy in our nursery. THEY ARE NOT SO CALLED MAIL-ORDER PLANTS (very weak and often times very expensive!). If you wish to read more about shipping, please click here.