You want to create, change, or more easily maintain your garden? Use our knowledge at home. We will inspire you to create and at the same time, teach you professional gardening techniques, right for your needs in order to improve the maintenance of your garden respecting environment. Fitting for starters as well as confirmed gardeners, this service takes place in your garden, just like a personal course. Here some domains included in this service

  • advice for maintenance
  • advice for creating
  • advice for garden extensions
  • advice for choosing plants to plant or to take off
  • planting techniques
  • pruning techniques
  • pest treatment
  • written report at the end of each service session


This service can be done in convenience with the person or garden in charge of your garden.


€298 (approx. one hour), incl. 19.6 % VAT
Travel charges depending on the distance (see table below)
Payment of the travel charges and the minimum billing amount when ordering. The rest has to be paid at the end of the service session.

The full amount (service price and travel charges) has to be paid when ordering.


Distance (France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxenburg)Price (incl. VAT)
Up to 50 km €3 per km
More than 50 km on request