Here is what our customers think about VALLONCHENE®.

Heidi L., German living in France, February 14: last acquisition from you, these wonderful hellebores "Slaty Blue" (really blue!!), "Picotée" and "Orientalis yellow double", are each time a pleasure to see, when I pass the door. I have planted them especially close to the house so that I cross them all the time.
Already in autumn, I have been excited about this big assortment of rare perennials and shrubs as well as this unbelievable choice of "Austin roses". I have admired them flowering in summer and could see them again at the end of summer. Won-der-ful !! And especially strong and healthy, how they can rarely be found. Bravo ! Concerning your collection of conifers, you can really be especially proud. In traveler's guides is mentioned in such cases: "the visit is worth a detour". In any case, this is my advice to anybody who doesn't know you yet. I like particularly your shop with those tasteful gifts, "linked to nature", without mentioning the delicious pastry of the tearoom. Chapeau !
I wish you that your success continues and myself that you will continue to exist many years... Yours, Heidi Langlois.

S. R. from ROTH (Bavaria, Germany), june 13 :
...future customers shall know how much your nusery is kind, reliable and helpful... I wish you and your family driven company all the best for the future. We will recommend you to our friends...

C. V. from ELOISE  (01), march 13 :
The ABIES has arrived in a perfect shape. He is magnificent and I am looking forward to planting him soon.
Thank you for your kindness and congratulations for your arrangement, it's perfect.

A. D. from CHAMOUX SUR GELON (73), march 13 :
The order has just arrived (and in a perfect shape): bravo for the quick service...

C. F.-C. from CHESHUNT (United Kingdom), dec. 12 :
Just thought I'd let you know the two conifers were delivered safely today and they look great, nice and healthy and a nice size for the money. I will look forward to buying more from you in the new year and just to say have a happy Christmas. Thank you very much.

C. D. from CALAIS (62), nov. 12 :
I have ordered last week a conifer to send for the anniversary of a friend who lives in Boubers sur Canche (62). I would like to thank you because I have ordered the plant in the morning and the next morning it was already delivered, very beautiful plant in a perfect shape because it was well packed.

J.C. B. from ESCOUSSENS (81), nov. 12 :
I have received my new order. I would like to thank you for the beautiful plants and the quality of packing. For your information, I have placed a new order today ... I want to thank the computer engineer for his help.

X. C. from UPAIX (05):
I would like to thank you for the advises that you have given me for the order of a tree PINUS Vanderwolf's and congratulations for the delivery time (less than 2 days).

J.C. B. from ESCOUSSENS (81) :
"Good evening everybody, this e-mail is to confirm that I have well received my order. I would like to thank you for the quality of the products. See you soon..."
The word "products" refers to the eight conifers that M. Ball has had delivered.

M.J. J. from SOMMERY (76) :
"Very satisfied by Vallonchêne for several years, I have decided to send some hellebores to my daught who lives in the South West (of France) at nearly 800 km from Sommery. My order, set off on thursday at about 4 p. m., has arrived the next day at 2.30 pm in a perfect shape."

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